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Friends For Infinity and Beyond

My best friend gave this magnet quote to me a few years ago.

When I think about friendship, I think of talking on the phone, sharing a confidence, shopping, watching movies, and helping each other. (There are more things we could add to the list, but these rolled off the tip of my fingers.) Friendship, even at its simplest, is balm to the soul. The feeling that someone other than your mother actually wants to interact with you has a magical effect changing each person at least a little bit for the better.

It's no mystery that I am grateful for my friends. I blog, talk, tweet, and facebook about it too often for people to not know the depth of my gratitude for my entourage of support and kindness. Well, if you didn't know already, I hope you have a feel for it now. If you like, look up friendship in the table of contents to see what else I've got on the topic. Making new friends and spending time with any sort of friend (even friends of my friends) makes me really happy.

Looking into the future, I see all of us looking back recognizing how far we've come and relishing these times of new found friendships that last. I see ties that bind lasting forever.


  1. Excellent slice. I've recently developed several amazing new friendships that have made me stronger/happier/more confident. When I hang out with that new crew I feel new and fully loved and appreciated. Friends rock. Punto (as Piri would say).

  2. I envy you that closenes.Moving ;ater in life has resulted in finding it more of a challenge to meet kindred spirits - as I had in my old hometown. But hopefully I will find those friends here.
    A lovely post!


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