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In an attempt to overcome my negativity toward a certain someone, I decided to ponder on the good things--the things I will miss--the things that made a positive impact on me despite the undesirable times. So, I came up with a list of ten good things about him that were (at some point) or still are true, and I shall not add any qualifiers whatsoever no matter how much I might want to do it.

Ten Things I Have Admired and Will Miss About My Ex-Husband

1. Inexhaustible ability/desire to learn new things
2. Funny
3. Romantic
4. Hard-working
5. Very compassionate when my parents passed away
6. Excellent at vehicle repair
7. Outdoorsman
8. Impeccable personal style
9. Kind-hearted
10. Appreciative of good cooking

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  1. It feels good to take the high road. You do it well.


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