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Laura and Oscar: The Complete Series

Now that the Laura and Oscar series is finished, I'd like to offer you a one-stop shop for your reading pleasure. Writing these memories was an amazing adventure, and I hope you enjoy reading it even just half as much as I did while writing it with my dear friend and writing accomplice, Oscar.

So, without any further ado, I give you:

Laura and Oscar: The Complete Series

Week 1: Who said you can't find love in junior high? -- A Beautiful Beginning
Week 2: A Beautiful Beginning
Week 3: Adventures in Falling
Week 4: Summer -- Electric Night
Week 5: Summer -- Sentimentality
Week 6: Kissing
Week 7: Kissing continued OR A Moment Before It Ends
Week 8: The High School Years -- Blondes and Bleachers
Week 9: Blondes and Bleachers
Week 10: High School
Week 11: Sweet 16
Week 12: Grown Up and Moved On -- A Crossroads
Week 13: A Crossroads
Week 14: A Crossroads
Week 15: A Crossroads
Week 16: Lessons Learned

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