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Sometimes we just have to celebrate the little things in life and today is a great day for doing it. I went on a road trip awhile back and made a pit stop in this small town called Logandale which has a gas station called Wally's. This place reminds me of some of the best of times and some of my favorite people.

Wally's is an oasis in the middle of pretty much nowhere. As a young adult, I remember being so grateful that it was there. It felt like my only lifeline to civilization amidst tractor crossings, open desert, and a severe lack of traffic lights and good shopping. Coming down the road, I knew I had nearly reached my destination once I saw Wally's which got me excited after a long drive, and I knew I was embarking on the most tiresome trip home once I had passed the place (not to mention I usually cried half the way home, too). In essence, Wally's was the giver of joy and sadness--if a gas station can do so much. Some members of that family still live in Logandale, so Wally's is a definite on my places to go list. 

To commemorate my love of freedom, especially the freedom to take roadies wherever I might go, I present Crush at Wally's.

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