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TwitterVerse: Vol VI

photograph by C. N.


astonishing love . emotional heightening . friendship convergence 
no star can compete . your blinding brightness envelops . no sun shines warmer
aimless wandering . knowing I always belonged . open the door wide
in time, love has come . no impossibilities . vision us realized
drowning out his noise . salt-filled tears that do not flow . seizing true freedom

stinging needle pain . chosen too purposefully . desire healing strength 
apricots boiling . hillside blazing blackened smoke . oblivious kids

years gone by alone . yet surrounded by others . grasp my wishful thought #trilogy
lost to time and chance . why had he thought of me now . never forgotten #trilogy
arrested in thought . provoked deepest love once more . paralyzed by hope #trilogy


A poet's words may sting or heal/ dependent on how the reader feels/ slashing away our shells with zeal

sun's rays never shone / whilst you were gone away / when you came back to me / night turned to day

When I love/ I love completely/ with all that I am/ Prepare yourself to be overwhelmed/ and ready to give/ all that you have 

crazy summer day/ working in the sun/ raspberry harvest/ fragrance of love

Ever expanding is my love's capacity/It is part of unrealized eternity/Reaching toward perfect felicity

As I go throughout my day/thoughts of you draw tears away/giving strength, building faith

my love has never been so sane ~ perfected when we met again

knowing you has been/ a beautiful dream to remember/ lighting my heart on fire/ helping me to feel seen

a poem beats within my heart/ that time cannot undo/ in unspeakable language/ written just for you

 Your greasy drippings are like love ~ something to savor and dream of ~ I will light a candle for you ~ or maybe make a few #OdeToBacon


 undeniably needing your kiss this moment


I don't think he sees when I am there, maybe he never has. Maybe this love is a one way street, incomplete.

All those many years ago, I fell for you. I realize now I haven't stopped falling even still.


because you know me ~ the heart of me ~ because you care #micropoetry

only our hearts, heads, and feet/ taking turns in love without missing a beat #micropoetry

lines going everywhere ~ across the page ~ a glance ~ magnetism

of wishes ~ laden with the taste ~ of dreams

if only time should let me see ~ if ever I could join with thee

artistic creativity ~ a mirror ~ that dishevels

at oneness divine ~ written in ev'ry line

unbound dreams for completely contented love #sixwords

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