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The Fire Hydrant

In the midst of endless blistering hot summer days, the fire hydrant is the keeper of the key to an entirely magical and wonderfully fantastical world where once irritatingly bothersome and bored little children morph into dazzlingly delightsome and animated munchkins whose laughs are just the right volume, wet clothes somehow are the best sort to have on (even though in the normal world one spot of wet would demand a complete change of outfit), and no sibling could ever be imagined to be inclined to bite, hit, call a foul name or kick another, which of course inclines every mother who ever lived for even one beautiful moment of  time in the land of The Fire Hydrant to yearn for and always have a treasured place in her heart for when they all dwelt together in peace, love, and harmony while the roar of the blasting water drowned out the momentarily eternal giggles of running, splashing, lovely, happy darlings who are now firmly planted in the land of dry, hot, miserable, you're a stupid head meanie and I hate you until the day arrives when the water authority needs to run another water test.


  1. Quite the sentence! The scene to the magical world unfolded and splashed on me, too. Delightful.

  2. you seriously crack me up...I am laughing out loud and longing for a fire hydrant experience of our own. Love and miss you and your brilliant mind.

  3. I've never had a fire hydrant experience. I always thought that was something made in movies. You made me jealous of those who have had one.


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