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With heavy heart and emptied words, another set of tears has fallen.
A sort of hopeful sadness, at my door, has come calling.
Trusting in lack of conviction and realizing the state of love
pushes me to heed the call of wishes left to others.
How could you believe me capable of anything less than perfect adoration
when the simple act of looking into your eyes is cause for jubilation?
Where there is no hope and care, I see futurity and us there.
When you say you have nothing, I see all I need—even everything.
A vision of eternity came into my view and I will not hide that it was with you.
A hurricane of hurt competes with all the joy I am offered.
Seizing upon visions of truth leaving them beaten, battered.
Yet—strength from within comes bubbling over
into my stalwart memory hanging on for this lover. 

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