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vision blurred

Today I looked for you in every song I heard,
the breeze softly brushing across my face,
along with every message I received.

Though you were not there, a sweet vision occurred
and wishes on stars should have sealed our fate.
Alas, I was left longing for a word from you, more. 

You were caught up in staring at a closed door,
Yes, a closed and locked up tight door
to which you could not truly want the key.

Floating past the last opportunity to finally have the best of me,
the song within our melody takes me to a place of mixed up tears—
glad, grateful, grieving—all intertwined.

Take my hand in yours. See me standing across your line.

Reach the stars together is the last I'll ask from you
because in all of life's landscapes, you are part of my view. 

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