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i {heart} my voice box

Sometimes I wonder what else could go wrong, but then I quickly stop myself because stuff does keep on going wrong.

I have had issues with my voice for at least a few months now. When I speak my voice sounds hoarse and there have been a few occasions when my throat gets so tight I cannot sing. I'm not a rock star or anything but I like singing. Plus, I have been struggling with how scratchy it sounds when I talk. I finally decided it was bothersome enough to see the doctor. I need my voice if I will be able to teach or sing or even do my oldest hobby to date-- talk too much.

So when I met with my ENT specialist, he ended up needing to stick a scope thing up through my nose to see down into my throat. (Not pretty, trust me.) He told me I have something something reflux which is also known as Voice Box Reflux. And of all the things to have, this is a rare thing. It's as if I need to be uber special in my health problems too. Anaphylaxis, something something reflux, and allergies to beat the band. All making me feel utterly special in messed up ways, I must add.

I am really thankful that I had the thought to get checked and that it's nothing like cancer or something even more special than that. Now I will focus on taking care of my lovely voice box.


  1. Our classrooms are outfitted with microphone systems. I love being able to use my speaking voice instead of a "teacher's voice." Good luck as you learn to deal with this problem.

  2. I had the scope once too...simply awful. I'm glad it you got it looked at. xo nanc


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