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A Girl Who Writes

There once was a girl, not just any girl but a girl with energy beyond the bounds that caffeine has power to provide; a girl with the blind ability to make people laugh when she is being so serious looks could kill; a girl whose heart is so large that it longs to love unconditionally and completely deeply every single person she ever loved without restriction or inhibition; a girl whose pain has moulded her into who she has become, making it impossible for her to wish it away; a girl who grew into her womanhood while she wasn't looking and sometimes doesn't comprehend how it even occurred; a girl seeing through the dark void of yesterday with her eternal vision power to realize a peaceful future; a girl with enough spice to qualify for space in a professional chef's pantry; a girl whose hair, on a bad day, looks electrified yet somehow it matches her personality too well; a girl whose aspirations for expression reach infinitesimally out to a point that no one can fully comprehend; a girl whose hope is constant--to a heart-breaking fault; a girl who has a soul larger than her body and hence feels cramped in her own skin; a girl who wants to be loved deeply so much so that she can almost taste the man's lips upon hers and will recognize him when that moment comes; a girl whose imagination runs like wild mustangs across a wide open plain; a girl who writes really long sentences, even so long you might come away with the sense that you just read a short book.


  1. You pack so much into this sentence, but I love the part about how she has "aspirations for expression reach infinitesimally out to a point that no one can fully comprehend." I guess that is why she writes such long sentences!

  2. Not a girl any longer - a woman. That's what long sentences do - they help you grow.


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