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Shirt Check

I do this crazy thing sometimes when I exercise.

I like to wear a shirt that is one size too small as a motivator. I know it's a bit strange, but for some reason it helps me. So anyways, I squeeze into it and then take a good hard look in the mirror so I can really see all the imperfections (uh, fat) which provides a mental and physical baseline. Then, I go workout. Typically, it's a really fabulous plan because I workout at home. I design my workout routines and then put them into action with my weights and other fun gadgety workout gear stuff in order to get the job done. And no one except my workout groupies ever sees me wearing clothes that are so entirely indecent for public viewing.

The shirt strategy happens about once a month since our bodies take about four weeks to cycle through an exercise routine and actually want to listen to all the hard work. But I also do it on the first day after falling off the exercise wagon. And since I have been busy with guests and visiting over the past few weeks, I needed to do a shirt check this morning.

My workout partner and I decided to do a walk/jog thing instead of hitting the weights today since it was so beautiful outside. So, I get my shirt on (and the rest of my clothes) and head outside. It was super nice to be out in the fresh air at dawn walking and talking with my friend. But then-- I notice other people across the way from my cul de sac where we were. I recognize them as some friends who live up the hill from us and they were out exercising, too. All of a sudden I feel like a freak because I remember about the shirt thing. I should NEVER have worn it out in public! The only thing I could do was keep going, but I can't even explain how grotesque I felt for those few minutes.

Moral of the story: Do not wear shirts in public that are too small--no matter the reason. There never will be one good enough to subject yourself to that sort of humiliation.

And no, I will not be providing a photograph for today's blog...

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  1. haha. No photograph required. I was able to conjure a mental picture just fine without one. ;)


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