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I remember...

I remember family reunions at Pismo Beach
     with salt water colder than ice
     and sand--oh that sand--
     so warm being buried was a delight.

I remember being happy not so long ago, 
      but it feels like a distant memory
      and I struggle to imagine
      happiness as part of my story. 

I remember my mother how she left
      so abruptly
      how I got to say goodbye and my glad tears 
      falling softly.

I remember every time I am with a friend
      sharing memories and laughing
      inside jokes, mishaps, and road trips
      even daily life happenings. 

I remember my children, more precious than gold,
      treasures on the worst of days
      giving me love that never gets old.

Memories warm and long ago,
making me cry and laugh,
beyond the price of gold.  


  1. What a wonderful way to store the memories and remember the moments that are strongest in our lives. You captured that life and are memories are not perfect but that they are all worth remembering.

  2. Lines that will stick in my mind-
    "I remember being happy not so long ago"
    "treasures on the worst of days"
    "giving me love that never gets old"

  3. A beautiful poem. Just beautiful. It's good to remember . . .

  4. I loved it. There are some great things to remember.

  5. Beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes... and made me want to try my own memory poem.

  6. I love the stanza about friends:
    "sharing memories and laughing
    inside jokes, mishaps, and road trips
    even daily life happenings."
    Where would we be without our friends?
    This poem was a lovely way to share your rememberings.

  7. I enjoyed reading your writing. Very sharp images.


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