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fairies and fate

I've been on this Peter Pan kick lately and I just can't shake it...

A couple of weeks ago, I watched Finding Neverland with Johnny Depp (for the fiftieth time--and no, I'm not exaggerating) so I decided I really ought to read the book which this beloved movie is focused on since I haven't read it yet [blushes at the thought]. I really should have by now, it being a classic and all, but it just hasn't quite happened. I commenced reading it aloud to my children even though they begged me not to and, since beginning the book, have begged me to never read it again...

So anyways. I have been working hard this week to stop feeling so obsessed with J.M. Barrie and his Peter Pan and Johnny Depp and his loveliness. (Did I just say that?) But I have realized that you can run but you cannot hide--I went to visit my little cousin today and just LOOK! at what she had on:

I wanted to start chanting I do believe in fairies! I do! I do! like some crazy, obsessed Johnny Depp Finding Neverland Peter Pan J.M. Barrie groupie...if there is such a thing.


  1. I'm thinking there's a little Peter Pan in you - and that's not a bad thing!

  2. The only place I ever read the book was at our doctor's office. The book was old and had been repaired. Badly. The pages were out of order and we had to hunt for the next page in several sections of the book.
    Love the ride at Disney World.


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