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Thirty Days of Gratitude: Love

I know, I know. Love is a broad topic, but I truly am grateful for it. Being able to feel love for others in its several forms is a gift and privilege. The love I have for my friends is different from that which I feel for my children, and the way I feel toward a suffering stranger differs from my sentimentality toward a neighbor; however, love is the the common theme in all of these relationships. Love is why we experience so much emotional pain when we are having problems with others for whatever reasons. Without love, we wouldn't care enough to give the person another thought. With a full heart, I can say I am thankful for every drop of love I've given because I would not feel alive without love for others. Connectedness to others gives me strength. The only hard part about love it that it often gets taken for granted, so it isn't able to heal or strengthen or enliven. I will acknowledge my thankfulness for love by striving to stop taking the love I receive for granted in any way, thus helping to find connectedness with those around me.

Love ties all of humanity together—if we allow it to do its work.

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  1. I'm going to make this VERY simple, as I can go ON and ON about LOVE! GOD IS LOVE AND LOVE IS GOD! Point blank! BESOS! Sandra @justrrrs


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