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Thirty Days of Gratitude: YOU

As I was pondering on what I am grateful for on this particular day, all I could think to say was you.

It matters not whether I know you so well you feel compelled to read or you found this on a random search and you're wondering Why did this pop up? or we are social media friends living the life of sharing too much: I am grateful for you. My cup runneth over with heartfelt thanks for each person who reads my writing and comes back for more. You have been part of my healing process this year, and I didn't realize what an integral role you would play (and I'm quite positive you had/have no clue) when I set the goal to heal from my brokenness at the start of 2012, but you truly have made a difference.

On days when life seems to be so not worth it due to the constant barrage of negativity, when I don't think anyone could possibly like me--let alone love and appreciate me for who I am, when the tunnel seems so long that there couldn't possibly be a light at the end, there you are.  To each and every one you, I say thank you.


  1. Thank you for sharing your heart so openly and honestly! You've been an encouragement. It seems we all have places of brokenness but I'm thankful to have an amazing God who doesn't want us to stay stuck there.

  2. Life: http://luckbethislady.blogspot.com/2012/11/thirty-days-of-gratitude-day-22-life.html


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