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Thirty Days of Gratitude: Fresh Water

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As the days go by, I have been reflecting on some of the smaller things that constitute my quality of life. One of those things is fresh water. I would just say water for the sake of simplicity, but water is not always usable. My dishwasher and washing machine for keeping clothes fresh could not work properly if the water going into them wasn't clean. Let us not forget being able to drink the water and cook with it either. There are many areas in the world where this level of quality is not attained and people have to purchase water to drink in order to stay healthy. It is a luxury to have free-flowing, fresh water come from my tap on demand and to always have enough.

This past summer, there were many fires in my area, and so our secondary water for the lawn and garden went low or off several times throughout the season. I hadn't thought about what a great luxury having irrigation water at my beck and call was before then, but I have a great appreciation even for non-potable water now.

Having water for daily use is a blessing and I am thankful for it.

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