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Thirty Days of Gratitude: Movies

It might seem trite, but I grew up going to the movies with my family, and so I am thankful for such an enchanting and fun way to spend family time. My parents used to take us to the drive-in quite a lot. Also, we were hardcore junkies for getting in to see movies on opening day. I will never forget standing in line with my family for the opening day of The Empire Strikes Back nor opening day with my mom and brothers for Star Wars: Episode I, plus many others.

Today, I spend time with my children watching movies while folding laundry. We look forward to seeing one at the theater every so often. We enjoy the memories made and all the creativity we are able to acknowledge. I am thankful for every happy memory made.

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  1. I remember my parents taking us to see 2 James Bonds movies at the drive-in. It was Dr. No and Goldfinger :)


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