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Thirty Days of Gratitude: Friends

I cannot say enough about how grateful I am for friends. Every day of my life is blessed by the presence and mindfulness of friends, so I would live quite a different existence without them. Friends come in many forms: my children when they show appreciation for who I am and love me with eyes wide open; sisters-in-law looking to me for advice and love; perfect strangers talking with me in a waiting room; sweet neighbors helping me to make it through a bad day by stopping over to talk or go for a treat run; an online friend engaging with me when I feel lonely and they don't even realize it; and, so many more. I find that friendship is part of the air I breathe, and I am grateful for its invaluable refreshment.

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  1. Fun to read this post about friends. I've been planning to make friends one of my thankful posts. I love that you mentioned so many different friends and how each one blesses your life.


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