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Thirty Days of Gratitude: Veterans

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I give thanks for the many sacrifices made by those who serve in my country's military. The first thought is to thank those who have lost life or limb because the cost is so high. My highest respect is given to them now and always. In addition, I would like to stop for a moment to add an offering of gratitude for a few of the less recognized aspects of what our servicemen sacrifice while doing their duty. They miss birthdays, baby's first steps, baptisms, weddings, play time with their children, date nights, family meal time, and the list goes on and on. But I would like to add one more aspect I have personally witnessed as a family member of sailors and soldiers, and it is how they inadvertently sacrifice a certain depth to relationships sometimes. Getting sent to battle sends ripples of lasting change throughout their life, thus making a mark on all who love them. My heart is grieved over the disconnect that has touched my life and I am only on the outskirts of the pond. I cannot imagine the grief and pain that others feel who are in the midst of where this stone's throw lands.

For all that veterans past and present have given, I offer my humble gratitude. 


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  2. Sometimes, I have the privilege of sitting next to a Veteran when my sons have a game. Whether, it's baseball, basketball, football, exc...A Veteran will usually wear a hat or a tshirt that they PROUDLY wear. Showing us that they served in the Military. I usually start a conversation, asking them if they served in the Military? Well, that question always leads to the most uplifting conversations! I'm always so honored that they are so willing to share their personal stories. They share with me detail by detail, as if it just occurred the day before. PLEASE, take some time out of your day and acknowledge a Veteran. Let them know how honored you are that they put their lives on the line for you and I! They fought for our freedom today! God Bless Our Veterans! BESOS! Sandra @justrrrs
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