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Laura and Oscar: Week 6

We used to walk everywhere since neither of us were old enough to drive. During one of these countless walks, I remember going past the Wendy’s and the homes along Harris probably on the way to my house or the notorious library. Many of the older trees in the front yards overhung the gravelly dirt walkway (there wasn’t a sidewalk) making it shady and cool in comparison to the scorching hot sunlit sections.  We were strolling along, holding hands, talking, laughing, and then we paused for a moment and kissed.  A friend or two were walking with us and cars were barreling down the road past us, yet somehow none of that mattered. Lips on mine, hands still holding mine. Transcending all the noise, I was left with a sense of pure love.

...to be continued next week. 


  1. There is nothing - absolutely nothing - like a great kiss.

  2. This post is so simple, and yet, powerful... just as a kiss should be!


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