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Laura and Oscar: Week 7

Kissing continued 
A moment before it ends   

We started our new school year--he was in high school and I remained at our junior high. My school days were lacklustre. I couldn’t ever hold hands or steal a kiss between classes anymore. We saw each other so little in comparison to our first few months going steady and it was difficult for me. I entertained an irrational sense of abandonment at times.

And on one of those days when I wished I could have skipped a grade, he came for me...

My senses are heightened. The sky is muted into gray. The street, the desert in the distance along the ditch, too. Even the green grass between the sidewalk we were standing on and the school emits a greyness against this fire I have in and around me. I am overflowing with love and care and bliss. He stands so close I am magnetized, drawn in by his will and mine. Realizing we are out in the middle of open air, I hesitate yet only for a fraction of a moment most likely unperceivable to my darling lover boy. I close my eyes in order to better feel his breath upon my face and inhale the scent of his skin. I allow my heart to melt into the hand he slides along my shoulder and neck. And once my head is cradled in that dear, gentle, loving hand, our mouths and hearts join in an ethereal moment of connection. Though kissed by him a hundred times before and since, my lips know nothing better. They know this is home.

This young heart grew old with experience in a flash. It now knew what tangible love should be.

...to be continued next week. 

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  1. You captured the feeling so beautifully. I was brought back to a kiss or two like that in my youth. Wow!


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