Thirty Days of Gratitude: Goodly Parents

While my parents were not perfect, no one can deny the fact that they worked tirelessly to do their best. They set an example for me that I look to even still and, I imagine, will do so until the day I die. I love them for it. I miss them and wish they could be here with me sometimes, but I would not have it because they finally have the peace they always deserved. (I will admit to wishing I could get a hug from time to time.)

I give thanks to God for blessing me with a mother and father who loved me with all they had to give. No one could ask for more.


  1. Prayer:

  2. Yes, I had a good home and my parents worked very hard. My mom stayed home with us and my dad never missed a day of work. We were snowed in one weekend, but dad went to work on a snowmobile Monday morning.


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