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dance do-over

A student's YES! reply to Prom

Something that I adore about being a teacher is that I get to do a few high school things over. None of it is like a total do-over obviously, but I still get to have a fresh experience in some of the same situations. One of those same situations happens to be Prom. 

For my first quasi do-over I was a chaperone for Homecoming, and it was a blast. During the fast songs, many of my students were dragging me into the center of the circle and realizing that I have a few dance moves. Even with going stag, I don't think I ever had that much fun at a Homecoming dance in my entire high school life—and I had an amazing time at Homecoming dances. But to get back to Prom . . . 

Prom is a different story. I remember getting picked up in my boyfriend's brother's super hot red Acura and me looking like a million bucks just so I could stand in line for like ever for photographs in the entry of the Officers' Club on Nellis Air Force Base. Then, I danced a couple times with my date, a couple times with a few friends, but that was it. My boyfriend didn't care about making my Senior Prom memorable for me. I have so many regrets leading up to that day and on that night. Too much information to share even with me being an over sharer. 

So anyway. When I got word that Prom is coming up for my school, I thought it would be fun to make my first Prom as a teacher something worth remembering. Erase some bad by writing some good onto the page, right? Crazy me actually told a few students that I was considering bringing someone with me, so I could dance the slow songs too, and they all freaked out demanding that I do some elaborate ask-a-date-to-prom thing. Well, if you count sending a text as elaborate, I totally made good on their demands. 

And the best part about this story is he said yes. 


  1. How fun! I love how kids ask each other to prom in fun and creative ways!

  2. This was a fun read! It felt like a trip down memory lne through a fresh set of eyes. New memories to help erase the old.


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