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just say no to DST

A friend of mine was kidding around about being tired since her first year of teaching over fifteen years ago, and it got me thinking. Is this Daylight Saving Time the one that finally breaks me? 

Each day the feeling of exhaustion has gotten worse. I have taken naps because my sleep pattern is all messed up. But that's all I can do to catch some rest. Another friend of mine and I were discussing the woes of Daylight Saving, and he thought of something that I know would be amazing: being able to slow down and take a real rest for awhile. I believe if we could all make a week long holiday of it, our bodies would readjust. I doubt that is fiscally possible, so abolishing this body clock killing practice is the next best thing. Or actually, it should be the number one solution. 


  1. Spring ahead feels like a raw deal but fall back feels like I got a bargain. I think you're right the time for this practice is over and I do wonder why we continue it.

  2. Spring ahead feels like jumping off a cliff and landing on my head. Did you see John Oliver's "Why is this still a thing?" segment about Daylight Saving Time on "Last Week Tonight"? You'd love it.


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