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Top Eleven Reasons I Love Writing

1. I love words—learning new ones and using the ones I know. 
2. Thoughts can overburden me, and writing is a healthy outlet. 
3. Books are something I enjoy, and writing is the vehicle to creating my own book. 
4. Poetry speaks to me. Writing poetry helps me process my feelings. 
5. Reading other people's writing inspires me to write more and different things. 
6. Writing in a journal saves my less formal writing for later reading—by me or loved ones. 
7. I am empowered as I learn how to write better. 
8. Improving writing is improving myself because I see writing as a hobby and tool. 
9. I gain a sense of satisfaction when people appreciate my writing. If I didn't write, they couldn't enjoy it. 
10. Writing expands my thought process because I take time to think deeply. 
11. The ability to write is a gift and privilege, so I don't want to take it for granted. I'm thankful I can express myself with the written word.

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