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I have had sleep on my mind for several months. There are studies about it, people complain about it, and the fact of the matter is we need it.

I really love sleep too even though I doubt you'd believe me with how little of it I've had in the past few years. Since December, I've been working on improving my hours invested, but the whole Daylight Saving Time stuff has got me off my game, and I can't seem to find my groove again. I can't even tell you how badly I want to get back to a healthy sleep schedule. 

The situation at hand is messy. Towing this line alone forces me into late night remembering of things that didn't get accomplished in the day but need to before the next. And then I also must have time to just be myself and unwind, so I do that once my children are taken care of. The push and pull of things doesn't leave much room for this elusive sleep schedule that I seek. 

I am actually pretty darn raggedy right now as I write this. Deprivation is catching up to me, and I am left with a sense of longing—for someone to hold and for my perfectly delightful pillow. 


  1. Totally with you on this note. Been sleep deprived the past several days, and running and writing on fumes. Had a migraine all day and couldn't sleep, or function - just sat in my dark basement trying to eek through the day. Finally came up with a post for tomorrow, and hoping sleep will come soon, and deep. Best wishes you find your soon also.

  2. Your writer's voice really leapt off the page. The sense of longing for rest is one that I certainly have experienced; so I can relate. My wish for you is that you will have a restful night with only happy dreams.

  3. "The push and pull of things doesn't leave much room for this elusive sleep schedule that I seek."
    This line is so cool. Fits the piece to a tee.

  4. Sleep isn't as deep lately as I would like either. A new puppy put me off sleep for a while, with her schedule of up at night, and then her bouts of "cat food induced diarrhea" with hourly trips outside. Things finally started to settle in, and the time changed. I try to keep the push, pull at bay. It's easier to do in retirement! Hope you get some good z's soon!


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