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tomato soup

Tomato soup with dumplings. My mother used to make this for dinner in the winter. I've never been fond of tomato soup, but for some reason those dumplings transform it into a delight. She worked her magic on the soup I think because my father loved tomato soup but none of us did. Knowing she liked to show my father that she cared by simple means gladdens my heart. There was so much love that I didn't notice as a child. It feels good to realize it even now that they're gone. 

Today, I decided to work some of my mother's magic. I needed some comfort food without having to spend a lot of time on it. Sundays are a day of rest for me. Like, I literally catch up on the rest I'm deprived of throughout the week. So as you can imagine, I fixed a batch of magical good stuff, got my blanket, and have been camped out on my purple sofa ever since. 


  1. It's gray and dreary here. Soup on a purple couch sounds perfect. :) (WW Erin)

  2. Nothing like comfort food to make you feel rested and loved! So intrigued by what kind of dumpling goes in tomato soup!!

  3. I have never heard of tomato soup dumplings, but after reading your post, would love to try them! Sounds like the perfect thing for a restful day. I love the part where you talk about how your mother used this soup to show how much she loved your father. I started thinking about the different comfort foods that my Mom makes to show us how much she loves us. I think you've given me a great idea to write about:)

  4. Love that image...the purple sofa! I'll bet it's crushed velvet!


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