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happy birthday

Birthdays are special. When babies are born. When children progress to the next milestone. When teenagers survive into adulthood. And—no matter what the haters might say—when adults mature into true adulthood and wisdom. 

Figuring out how to celebrate an upcoming birthday with a party, cake, surprises, and anything else possible is what happens around this place. It's like my mind has been in party planning mode since age eight. I just go from one special occasion to the next to the next. Sometimes there isn't a way or the means to do what my crazy brain gets to mapping out, but there are times when the stars align and surprises happen. 

Happy Birthday songs happen. Cake happens. 
And cake is good. "Let them eat cake" is a favorite quote . . . I wonder why. 

Today, I want to proclaim that I love birthdays. Mine and yours. Celebrating the miracle of our existence is wonderful. 


  1. Connecting to your post today since today is my daughter's birthday. The planning is as important as the actual celebration.

  2. Then I bet you celebrate Dr. Seuss today!! I love party planning, cake making and game playing too. You were poetic in your first paragraph ....."when babies are born and children progress to the next milestone" I love the sound of that...


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