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lucky stuff

There's this one word that keeps on popping into my head today: lucky. I don't really believe that luck is very real, but it is in a way too. Whenever there's those few unexplainable, wonderful happenings, luck fits the bill. 

I tend to assign the words blessings and blessed to the special and good things about my life, but even then, the feeling of being lucky to have or be with or whatever just fits again. You don't have to feel like you deserve the good thing if luck is involved. Having that sense of luck paints a picture of winning something too. Blessings are full-on earned and deserved, while luckiness is a blessing and beyond—a little extra on top that you get just for because. 

I'm lucky to have a beautiful home and children who love me and a few types of best friends and family who truly care about me. I'm lucky to have graduated from the university of my choice. I am lucky to be doing what I enjoy for my career. I am lucky to be alive and in good health. 

And you know what else? I feel like I have double luck for having so many people around who read my writing, take time to comment about it, and come back for more. I am reaching my dreams slowly but surely. That doesn't happen by luck, but I sure do feel lucky. Thank you! 

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  1. So sweet! Someone else posted yesterday about luck vs. fate/destiny. Funny how we have similar thoughts running through our heads.


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