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immovable wall

Every time I think we've got this thing, stupid stuff happens. I don't know what to do about all the troubles my children are having. I am one person with limited resources. I am failing. 

These things are all real thoughts of mine today. I want to kick them out and never look back, except I'd not figure out how to fix the issues. Some things won't be fixed though. There must be more than me making things happen. The children need to choose better. I need to choose better too though. I need to cut things out that aren't serving me well. But then again, how can I tell what is going wrong when I don't/can't slow down until I'm crashing and burning on my lovely purple sofa? 

There is too much for one person to do alone, yet I know I can make things work by doing what I can and leaving the rest. I remember my mother telling me something like that, and I cling to it in this moment. 

There are walls that seem immovable, but isn't it really us who won't move to change our circumstances? 

Do what I can and leave the rest will be how I take charge of things on this new day. No walls are going to stop me from walking around, climbing over, or even getting out a jackhammer. 


  1. We all have moments like this in classrooms as well as our daily life. Your words about doing what you can and leaving the rest are something we all need to embrace.

  2. Obstacles and challenges are such an unpleasant part of our journey. I wish you all the best, knowing that eventually these challenges will leeave you pearls to gather and savor. I'll be listening for the jackhammer.


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