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savor and enjoy

Today's slice of life is a note to self for the days when I forget . . .

"Savor and enjoy, or endure and know you will get through it." — me.

I was reading a slice of life on Deb Day's blog, and the aforementioned thought hit me like a ton of bricks. How often over the past several years have I not seen this simplicity? Over time, I have learned how to better savor and enjoy the precious moments, but I have not been able to remember that I have overcome many things, and even problems do end at some point. I get caught up in the stress and strain of problems, and then I can hardly see the forest for the trees.

Someday I hope to overcome this shortcoming of mine because on any day of the week in any moment of those days, I have blessings beyond measure. Too many to count. So many that I am ashamed of myself for allowing problems to overshadow what I know about the good that abides with me.

Henrietta, Texas at sunset and a heart full of happiness


  1. What a stunning sunset! I sure needed that lesson a few months ago...savor and enjoy. I, like you, was caught up in a major issue and was letting it control me. What a relief it was when I decided that life has many better things to offer...beauty and love and adventures. It took some effort, but I stepped out...and now plan to savor and enjoy...just like your post and beautiful sunset picture have inspired. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  2. That sunset really is magical.


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