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rounding corners

Writing about myself right now isn't going according to plan. I had this idea that I would write about how I have these habits or ways of being that friends tell me are virtues. But it doesn't seem to come out how I want. Even those sentences before this one appear convoluted in my eyes. Maybe it's because I'm trying to talk positively about myself when I've just rounded the corner on a day of assuming a great deal of negativity.

It's funny and not so funny how negative thoughts can change our perspectives so drastically. My one hang up right now is that I am so sure about myself in one light and entirely in the dark in another. (But that doesn't make sense either. I'm pretty sure I am suffering from major fatigue.).

Even though I haven't found the words to accomplish my original goal, I am thankful to have rounded the corner and have some positivity coursing through my veins again.


  1. Negativity can do so much damage. I hope you have a day filled with positive thoughts and positive people to keep you company.

  2. Glad you rounded the corner and found some positivity there. Here's to a better Friday!

  3. I agree. Negativity is a cancer.


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