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Hitting a wall. 
That's what it felt like when I got home from school. 
No energy left. 
No words. 
Resting a bit doesn't seem to cut it. 
Neither does wishing I could take a nap since it's too late for that. 
Then I look around to realize that the day escaped me. 
And it is now time for sleep. 
Slumber that hopefully carries me over that wall 

Into a sunny path for tomorrow.  


  1. and the wall moved ...

  2. I suffer from Bipolar Disorder and few other things that keep me on the other side of the wall so I can relate. I find myself just creating a garden or something until I can make it over to the other side....low times are not the best but I make it over eventually :)

  3. Hoping your day is full of sunshine and energy tomorrow! I was dragging today as well.


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