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Creating happy memories makes life worth living because things can't always be good or we wouldn't  know when life is reaching those high points. There are good and bad times for everyone.

When I was a freshman in high school, my mother was working three jobs as a newly graduated RN to make ends meet for our family. She always seemed to be gone or sleeping—probably because she was. So anyway, I was going to homecoming, and it was my first high school dance. That's a pretty big deal in a girl's life, so when my mom couldn't be there to help me pick out accessories and stuff to wear, I was sad. My dad took me out shopping to find the final touches: shoe clips to dress up my patent leather black flats and a purse that matched them perfectly. When we arrived home, I went into my room to get ready, sat down at my vanity area and found a note attached to the mirror. My mother wrote about how sorry she was that she couldn't be there to help me get ready for my first big dance, and that she loved me. But the sentiment that has stuck out in my mind for 25 years since reading it is this: I hope our happy times will always outweigh the bad.

Her words push on my mind again today as I consider all the things going on for me right now. Life, love, family, work, friends, and all the little things that fill in the rest make for an interesting ride on this roller coaster. It's funny how the fine details matter so much in the moment, but when we look back, the things that stick with us are the way we remember people treating us. My mother couldn't be there for me then, but she was. She took the time to consider my feelings, to understand my girlish heart.

I'm not so different even though a quarter of a century has passed since that first homecoming dance. I still notice how people take time to care. I notice all the love that comes my way making sure that the good always outweighs the bad. Yesterday, I was able to spend time with one of my favorite people on this planet, and everything was truly marvelous. Even though plans had to change because time slipped past us, it was so good. Consideration and kindness was in every thought and action. The day created another layer of joy for me to cherish, and I simply couldn't be happier right now in this moment.


  1. That is such a great memory and your joy in this moment will one day be a cherished memory, too.

  2. When my daughter had an important event I had to miss due to a class I cried the whole way there and home again. I still recall the prof's name and her rigid attendance rule. Sadly it is the only thing I remember about the class.
    It is nearly 20 years ago and I still feel badly about it.


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