Baby Chicks LIVE!

Live stream by Ustream
Live stream by UstreamI'm not a big fan of animals (understatement of the millennium), but my BFF has these chicks they are broadcasting and I find the whole idea absolutely captivating. Many of us can't raise chickens, for one reason or another, although now we can see what these creatures go through every day to get to where they can provide delicious eggs, be live food storage, and enjoy the free range life my BFF and her family will provide.

I wouldn't want to actually touch the little guys, yet watching the animal antics and witnessing the chicks turn into chickens is definitely something I can do. Plus, it is a streaming slice of life that I can't resist.

I hope you enjoy the view!

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  1. Oh they are cute. My dad had chickens at our house and he just loved them (I loved them from afar).


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