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Purplicious Silliness
Wow! March is barely here and I am multi-tasking beyond any superwoman capabilities I could wish for.

First of all, if you read yesterday's post No Shirt No Shoes No Sanity you have a pretty good slice of what almost any day looks like. Then, add a teaching project for me; catch-up for all!!! of Mr. {C} ADHD Middle-Schooler's classes; Spanish homework for me and HRH {D}; good times with Miss Epileptic Autitistic {L}; and a wiggly little kindergartner, you have an entire pan of Maniac Pie. 

But then-- I get these really fabulous ideas of how to drive myself really crazy...

I read this book called Edenbrooke and I am going to do a book review on Monday. And on top of that book review, I will be kicking off a giveaway to promote Edenbrooke and attempt adding to all the #slice2012 festivities.

The moral of this slice: I contribute to the insanity around here. Oh yes, I do. I don't mean to, and I can't help all of it, and I truly need my life to slow down. But whenever the brakes start to go on, my overachiever drive-herself-into-the-ground quality shifts into hyper drive and I need to keep going. If I stop, I don't know if I can ever get started again. 

Therefore, a book review, giveaway, #slice2012, school, and monkey people will continue to be the highlights of this juggling act I call a life.

Call me Ringmaster Supreme or Queen of the Clowns and we just might be able to laugh ourselves through to the end.


  1. Having a sense of humor is the only thing that gets us through sometimes. I admire someone who can laugh and make others laugh. I live in a house with Bi-polar and OCD, so I know a bit about from whence you come. Thanks for making me laugh. Look forward to more laughs from you.

  2. Here's to laughter!!! Look for it daily. Monkey people sound interesting. I taught 7th grade for 22 years! I think they were monkey people!!

  3. Thanks for mentioning about how you realize that sometimes you are unconsciously contributing to the stress of your own life. I think I need to realize that more when I'm freaking out about how stressed I am--how much of it truly is out of my control (like I always think) and how much of it do I actually have control over?


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