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Musings of mine on the topic of friendship:

I believe friends, the close and dear sort, who have a sense of knowing between each other have a responsibility to look after one another.

You know you're really good friends with someone when you can't imagine anything other than they are somewhere in the world living and breathing and being happy.

There is nothing in the world like time spent with a friend who knows you and doesn't second guess your meaning or motivations.

Give a loving word in friendship and you'll always gain a friend.

A hidden treasure can be found in the friendship of a sister-in-law.

Friends are like glitter: They add sparkle to everything they touch and always seem to linger even when you thought you didn't have any left.

Friends are the fuel for my fire.

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  1. Friends are special - thanks for the reminders. Your list is oh so true.

  2. One does not have to be in constant communication to be a friend. I have recently reconnected with a friend from high school...we just picked up where we left off and filled in all the missing parts. I love spending time with her and we make sure to be more vigilant about our efforts these days. Thanks for writing about friends...they are so important by helping us define who we are.

  3. I enjoyed the thought, " friends are like glitter.....they add sparkle." :D

  4. I really liked this one, "There is nothing in the world like time spent with a friend who knows you and doesn't second guess your meaning or motivations."

  5. Friends are when you don't have to replay the conversation in your head in case you said something stupid.


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