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not even one more wash

The past week has taken its toll and I don't have much sparkle left in me. It might sound a little bit silly, but sparkle, spunk, and that certain something about overachieverness keep me going. And the fire is dying. At least just for today, I hope. I want to feel like a castle with fireworks happening overhead, even though I feel more like a sixty-one inch piece of fabric with rapidly fraying ends and it might all unravel with one more wash. Even if it's on delicate cycle...


  1. I love this image. I feel rather worn out today too!

  2. I feel like someone or something (head cold) threw a pail of water on my sparkle. It is a beautiful day, weather wise, we were off school, and here I sit with no sparkle. I love your image, also. We all have our off days. I hope and pray that tomorrow starts you on a fresh page.

  3. I love the metaphor of this post, an unraveling piece of fabric... even on the delicate cycle. It's Friday and I'm frayed. I hope we all feel like new by Monday.

  4. My mom always said, "My get up and go, got up and went." I love the images you used, especially frayed fabric. Hope you find some sparkle over the weekend. Maybe you should buy some, it comes in pretty bottles, labeled, "Champagne."

  5. The unraveling fabric on delicate cycle was a very clear image. The idea of "sparkle" is really neat. I've never heard someone describe their feelings that way. I hope you have a relaxing weekend, can recharge, and get your sparkle back.

  6. So many of us are expressing these kinds of feelings after a week of school. You have expressed it very eloquently!

  7. Hang in there. Hopefully our comments will encourage you today.
    Love the background of your blog. Beautiful.
    MH at booksavors.wordpress.com

  8. I am sure you will find some sparkle soon, maybe you already have now. :-) By the way, STUNNING photo! Love those fireworks by the castle. :p

    1. You're so sweet, glad you like the photo. It was taken at DisneyWorld in Florida, USA :)

  9. Thank you, thank you for all your comments. They provide strength, which in turn allows for sparkle to creep back in! Cheers!


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