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my friend again

Have you ever had someone you needed to tell
How they hurt you but that you're sorry too
That you're sorry for being unkind and even horrible
And how they hurt you helped you to learn
How it all helped you to learn how to be
The person you are today who is a stronger version of yourself
Stronger and more able to do hard things
More able to not make those same mistakes
More likely to be there for others because you were there for me
When no one else was there,
Despite all the sorrows, you were there for me
When I needed you most you were my friend
You were my friend before all the mistakes
Amidst all the pain
You showed me how to save someone
Because you saved me

My forgiveness feels as if I forgave you
Before I even knew you would hurt me
I hope your forgiveness for me feels the same
I thank you for being sorry
I thank you for being my friend again
Before now I could hardly imagine
Being at peace and full of so much love
I am grateful for you showing me true lovingkindness,

My Friend Again. 


  1. Yes...the kind of frendship that mingles love and living is so beautifully described here.

  2. This slice resonated in my soul. I like your song. Is it one you have written?

  3. Wow - I read hope and hurt, desire and acceptance. Powerfully written!

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments. It came from the core of all my sentiment.

  5. I love the transition from the hurt to the forgiveness. Very powerful beginning and ending with "My friend again."

  6. I love your tribute to friendship in all of its forms--it's not only for the good times.

  7. this is beautiful and so very much what is needed in the world today

  8. I agree with others - such a powerful poem. It really makes me pause and think about relationships and I like that it really captures dynamics, knowing that it is often not black and white, right and wrong.

  9. Friendship and relationships in general are work and require that sacrice and forgiveness. You've modeled that humility beautifully rather than being too proud to forgive. Congratulations on restoring your friendship and feeling the love!


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