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candy machines

What Grown Ups See
Sometimes I wonder why it's so easy to say no when quarters are begged from me for candy machines. Then, I took these photographs and it makes a little more sense to me now.

Looking down, I see all the candy and how teeth will rot and how much dental work costs.

But looking from the child's perspective, I can see how unattainable this bit of candy might seem. Most of what they see is metal and a big label with big red numbers on it that might as well say Mom will probably say no, but ask anyway.

With this paradigm shift, I might need to reevaluate my response. Who wants to be such a downer?

What Kids See


  1. Let those pretty colors rain down on me! Looks like a rainbow to little ones and looks like a mess to the big ones:)
    This was a fun post full of perspective something we all need to practice:)

  2. Looks tempting from both angles to my sweet tooth. ;) Nice slice in trying to see the ordinary through different lenses.

  3. Perspective does change things! I like your view of the two and the shift that it made in your thinking. Favorite line: "that might as well say Mom will probably say no, but ask anyway." Love that kids rarely give up when it is something that they want!

  4. I'm a sucker for candy machines, so I try to have quarters on hand. Maybe my crazy grandmother, who never said no, rubbed off on me. Great idea for a slice!


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