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i {heart} photography

Beautiful ~ photograph by guest photographer Smurfs O'Malley

Taking photographs is something I love to do. I'm not quite sure why it is so captivating, but I truly enjoy my time behind the lens of a camera. Sometimes my photography lacks creativity and sometimes I get that perfect shot and the thrill of it all overtakes me.


  1. The purple flowers make me happy.

  2. I know a teacher in a neighboring school who has a purple room, purple supplies, purple everything. I love her room. It is so soothing. Your photos are soothing too.

  3. What is that last flower? I used to have a tree in my front yard that had the most awesome purple buds... But I had to cut it down.

    1. I couldn't tell ya. It was in one of my friends backyards, thought it looked cool, and snapped a picture of it. I'll have to ask them what it was.


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