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purple and goofy

a bit of green and purple for St. Patrick's Day
I'm feeling like I should show my dorky side today, so here is a hardcore sample of how bizarre and corndog things can get around this place:

Purplicious Humor

People come in every shade of purple.
Some are royal, while others are amethyst gems.
Some lilac it's going out of style, but you forgive them when you can.
You can get silly with some like a child orchid, especially when they mauve you to tears laughing.
Even if you're wrong, friends treat you azurite.
Some are plum crazy, but that's to be expected.
Especially if they are obsessed with the color purple.


  1. Lavendar it! It could not have been easy, though, to come up with all of these purple-ic ideas.

    Corndog??? Love the term!

  2. Like the purple and the green!! Never thought of people being different shades of purple--clever. Maybe they're different shades of red, too.

  3. I really like the playfulness of your purple words!


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