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the great sweats debate

I heard from a certain middle-schooler that sweats are only cool when girls wear them.

It was one of those special sorts of ADHD mornings when somehow all good clothes are gone--not even dirty, mind you, just GONE—and just the lone pair of sweatpants are left at the bottom of the drawer. I told him to stick his BYU sweatshirt on with the pants and his coolest pair of athletic shoes and he'd be just as awesome as he was yesterday. And that was when he informed me of his sexist theory on the subject of sweats.

It truly astounded me. I do not see how that could possibly be true.  I specifically recall wearing purple sweats, heather grey sweats, and even a pair of black sweats (yes, I count the black ones as a low point, but whatever) while in junior high and high school of all places. And while I wasn't ever Miss Popularity, I also wasn't Miss Not-Popularity either. I don't know how I would have survived grades 7-12, and even now, without the blessing of sweatpants. Sweats are some of the most comfortable clothes ever. Sweats are like wearing pajamas when there isn't a pajama party. Sweats are double-duty clothes: you can put them on before pulling an all-nighter doing homework, take a nap, then roll out of bed and head to school. I do not see what is not cool about that. That rocks!

Yes, sweats are very cool.

Oh yeah—but I'm a girl...

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  1. Your last line made me smile.

    Did he end up wearing them?

  2. Tell him, it's cooler for a boy to wear sweats with a great sweatshirt or sports jacket, then it is for them to wear jeans that hang down off their butts! Maybe he'll reconsider the cool factor. Or better yet, maybe he'll start his own fashion trend and make wearing sweats cool!

  3. Epilogue:

    The boy did wear the sweats (mom 1 boy 0) and decided it wasn't so bad after having survived the day. Although, I have noticed he has made a point of getting his laundry taken care of a little bit better now. Somehow we have not had that dilemma ever since.

    Moral of the story:
    Let your kid get a little embarrassed and they might start doing chores on their own accord.

  4. Today is pajama day at my school so I am sitting here in a shirt that says, "I need a nap" and a pair of black pj pants. I am comfy and cozy and I think I'm cool (but I too am a girl). :)

    1. I think I need your I need a nap shirt!

  5. My son won't touch sweats if it's the last thing he has. And I love them to bits. I would wear them anywhere. Yes, they're all purpose wear...


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