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 I am having fun this weekend. Maybe not an ordinary sort of fun, but still a really great time. On Friday night, while tweeting on twitter with a fellow twitterer (or twitt as I like to call them), we were talking about how playing word games on twitter is fun and I said it was like a party and then I decided to make a real twitter game out of it.

I had heard of the game where one person says a random word and you say the first word that comes to mind and you keep going with this. It's really fun with a big group of people. I was reminded of this fun little game when someone from BlogFrog posted a conversation for it in the All Things Purple community. So knowing that games need to be kind of simple on Twitter, I knew this game would be perfect. I explained the rules and had some fun.  Then woke up the next day only to realize that a couple people had searched out trending topics the night before and liked my idea and they started playing too. Whenever I had a chance throughout the day Saturday, I played (admittedly a bit too much), and #TwitterWordParty started to trend in the Salt Lake City area! I couldn't believe it. I tried to round up some friends to play with some success, then I had to take care of kids and mom stuff and go somewhere and homework. When I came home and checked on the party status, my little game was in the #1 spot! I felt cool, to say the least. And then played some more and more people joined in. I needed to stop to do homework (and write this fabulous slice of life), but we'll see where it goes from here. I hope it trends in at least a couple more cities, but the United States and even Worldwide trending would be astounding.

If you ever want to play #TwitterWordParty, just say the word and I am in!


  1. You started a word game on Twitter? I don't even tweet, but I am impressed. You explained it in a way that I do understand . . . Yeah!

  2. As a lover of all word games, I need to look into this Twitter word game. Sounds fun!


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