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a Swedish morsel

New Words

I learned a new word the other day
It touched my mind in divers ways
Causing pause to query and think
Can there really be a best amount of everything?
I am enlarged by expressions so succinct
In one word a culture was conveyed


Learning from everyday life. Living the best way possible.
Asking for nothing more than necessary. Always content with what a hand can hold.
Gathering in the essence of  simplicity. Gaining a sense of balance.
Only to realize you are sufficient. Outward and inward rightness.
Measuring as appropriate perfection. Making less be more.

Because it is enough.


  1. Let's take an idea from Frindle and start using lagom. I wish you lagom today!

  2. This word packs quite a wallop. Being enough.

  3. Loving this post -- lagom may be my new favorite word!

  4. Lagom is not just a word, it seems to be a life philosophy. Thanks for teaching me something new in a lovely, lyrical way.

  5. "Always content with what a hand can hold," and "Making less be more." These are the lines I connected to most. Love it!

  6. You what I like about your blog? About 30 seconds after I start reading it music just starts blasting out of my computer. It took me about 3 minutes to figure out it was your blog the other night. I kept sifting through all of the open windows on my computer wondering where it was coming from!

  7. Love this Laura! Now I want to know how to say lagom.


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