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sunlight and supernovas

a purple dusk ~ photograph by Smurfs O'Malley
at dusk with the sunlight's waning,
i ponder on our chance meeting.
how you are light in my darkness,
how you are warmth upon the snow.

you and i live worlds apart,
loving in similar ways
and as strangers in others,
even the distance found between stars.
we met under unique circumstances
at a time when i needed who you are.

even if at first 'twas not realized,
a priceless friendship has ensued.
how could i know how much you'd mean?
even as i count the ways
how i could never love thee,
even if proximity
were not quite so convenient,
the distance between stars
will always remind me
why the titans are always clashing and
why proximity wouldn't give reason.
for you would never be too far
if the real distance could be fixed.

alas, i would not change you.

so for now you will ever be
brighter than a supernova
blindingly winning me over,
infuriating and lovely,
even my dear antipodes
in distance farther than the stars.


  1. This is a powerful poem. I read it through at my usual break neck pace and then slowed down reading it again and again and again...trying to determine if this was about your blogger friends or a strong (Titanly-like) friend who is pulling at your heart early in the morning. I suspect it might be the latter but your wonderful use of analogy and the craftiness of this poem is wonderful I just copied it for my writer's notebook (digital) as an inspiration.

    1. Thank you for such lovely, encouraging words! I appreciate you taking the time to share your reaction with all of us.

  2. I really like these lines in particular "so for now you will ever be
    brighter than a supernova
    blindingly winning me over"

    1. If I had to choose my particular favorite lines, it would be the entire last stanza. I'm so glad you liked some of those lines too! And thank you so much for reading and commenting so often. I feel like we are becoming friends. Conversational blogs are so great, but you need people to comment for it to become a conversation!

  3. Wonderful and beautiful. ..."at a time when I needed who you are." Yes, unique moments.


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