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My Las Vegas Shoes

I went on a trip to Las Vegas, and I know what you're thinking, but none of that happened.
FYI:What [doesn't] happen in Vegas also stays in Vegas.
So to move on, I went there to see family and friends. I really got to relax quite a bit and I feel rejuvenated. My only wish would be to have had a couple more days, but c'est la vie.

One of the many adventures on this non-scandalous trip to Las Vegas was going shopping and we so way went shopping! I found the most fabulous shoes of the not purple variety I have yet to come across, so of course my trip souvenir had to be the shoes. of course. All good shoes need a good home and mine is where it's at. These shoes are so amazing that my BFF bought a pair for her daughter and one of my sisters-in-law bought a pair too. These shoes are so fab they almost qualify as purplicious. And I mean it, but don't take my word for it. Just LOOK at these babies. Aren't they the most uber delicious pair of heels yet made?

Ok...you don't have to think so even though I think so. But don't keep your comments to yourself, we will just agree to disagree if you don't agree :)

me and the shoes after four hours of use = I'm a trooper


  1. These shoes are super cute. However, if I bought them, I would have to put them on my mantle just to look at, because I could never wear them! I want to see a picture of you standing up in them! Or maybe a video of you walking! They are fun!

  2. Wow! They look fantastic, but I just have to know, are they hard to walk in? I have a pair of shiny gray shoes with a great buckle that I just love. But an hour is the longest I have ever left them on my feet. Enjoy!

  3. I didn't think to take a video or something. I totally wore them for about 4 hours, but by then I thought I might have broken feet ;)

  4. Those shoes look they are ready for a night on the town.


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