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Australia - PTGS 8

For your viewing enjoyment, here is the first of hopefully many international PTGS visits:

Australia: Nepean River and Sydney International Regatta Centre
I hoped so much that my silly (even eccentric) idea might expose me and my readership to new places, as well as create new friendships and now the concept has come to fruition.

The PTGS is a photograph-driven penpal-ish partnership and I look forward to even more participation from anyone with a grape soda and camera!  If you have any friends that might enjoy a bit of fun, please feel free to invite them to the PTGS (share a link or two) and who knows where the PTGS might go!

Also, after realizing that countries outside of the USA might not sell soda (aka softdrinks), sparkling grape juice will make for a fine substitute when soda is nowhere to be found.

We will be anxiously awaiting the next adventure in the PTGS on location in the beautiful country Australia.
Thanks to the author of Medusa Hair for joining in the fun!

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