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A Good Day

Today was a good day. I should have known it would be good when I pulled into the parking lot at school and there were at least FIFTY open spaces calling my name! But even better was the ability I had to take my Spanish pruebita without feeling like a complete and utter failure. I wrote whole sentences that would not be deemed Spanglish. Now the real trick will be to see if el profesor can understand my version of Spanish! Another beautiful part of my day was spending mom time with my little son and his friend running simple errands. I have been overwhelmingly busy the past two weeks and have not been able to slow down enough to enjoy his company. just rush, rush, rushing-- until this afternoon. We did not do anything spectacular, but aren't some of the very best days the days when we have time to recognize the blessings? I feel blessed today.

I am grateful for it because this trodden-down stint I've been on is so way overdone. Like, it is just old news. Just maybe, this will be a trend and I will be able to breathe better for at least awhile. Half-suffocating over life is no fun.

Now we are off to a wedding reception for my little girl's teacher and a little friend will be carpooling with us-- so the day will continue to be so so good.

Hope your day is going well and that you take time to enjoy it. Feliz viernes!

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