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BYU Fine Arts 2011-2012
Take a Brigham Young University purple loving student, like myself, who enjoys music, singing, dancing, paintings, sculptures (pretty much all fine arts), send her an email with the above photo in the announcement, and what do you get? One ultra anticipating-every-fabulous-event girl and a blog post singing its praises!

I know not everyone, not even half of everyone (as of today), following my blog lives in Utah or even anywhere near Utah, but what I do know is that pretty much all of you find my purple fascination either on par with yours or can at least appreciate my taste in all things purple.

Last school year, I attended several BYU Fine Arts events.  One such event was a matinee of Mozart's The Magic Flute, which I saw with my children and a one of my girls from Spanish class and it was a delight! Another significant fine arts offering was the Carl Bloch exhibit at the Museum of Art. You might deem me crazy, but I dragged my children to it--twice!  The first time through we just glanced at things here and there and paused to look closer when the autistic monkey and my then preschooler would allow such a luxury. We did the second visit in style: the Museum of Art offered self-guided tours via Ipads and headphones for a nominal charge and the children were captivated by the whole thing this time around. I went with my superfriend plus her daughter and my little {d} one time in between as well. The exhibit was amazing and I am glad I could go as many times as I did. I feel fortunate.

For local area readers, I hope you will consider attending some of the several fine events happening throughout this school year. And for anyone considering a visit to the Provo, Salt Lake City, or even Park City areas-- maybe something on the schedule will make the trip out here even more perfect. the icing on the cake.

Click on the link just below the ad for the full event calendar and more information.

Also--if the ad above isn't simply one of the most gorgeously designed photo ads, I do not know what would be considered so.
It's purple. It's fancy. And it promises good times. What more could you want? Right?

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